Managing your online identity has been growing in importance in recent years. Here at Texuna, we believe your online identity should be controlled by you, the individual, not search engines, social networks, nor governments.

While many companies have tackled this space, most are coming at identity from a different angle. They offer an identity solution to compliment their existing offerings. The more they learn about you the more they can target adverts at you.

Do you really want some 3rd party with conflicting incentives controlling your identity when they already know so much about you from your browsing history?

We believe in an independent offering where individuals have one username and password that they can use to securely access resources around the web. We also believe in two factor authentication where a unique key is used as part of the process. In short, we aim to become a custodian of online identity offering users a solution without selling your data as part of the process.


The ubiquity of web based systems in our workplaces forces us as users to remember multiple authentication credentials (usernames and passwords) for each application. As a result we are all drowning in a sea of usernames and passwords. And the ramifications are significant.

What Users Do Instead

Faced with the impossible task of remembering multiple credentials, most users reuse the same passwords, pick weak passwords, or keep a list of all usernames and passwords on a post-it note next to their desk. So much for security?

Managing multiple authentication credentials is annoying for users and weakens security for the authentication system. Additionally the cost to organisations of various user management functions across multiple systems is huge.

Take education for example. The amount of time it can take teachers to log students in at the start of a class can be significant (particularly for younger kids not yet able to manage passwords themselves).

The Solution

Texuna offers an enterprise identity and access management platform called UDiMan, which allows a single username and password to be used for different web applications and resources, while enhancing security and reducing administration costs. The flexible solution acts as a gateway to all systems used by a customer verifying who the user is and ensuring access rights are managed appropriately.

Benefits include:

    - No more password amnesia
    - Reduced user management cost
    - No application maintenance cost
    - No disparate user registration and management processes
    - Centralised reporting for standards compliance

Texuna’s solution offers the following distinct advantages including:

    - Quick and easy deployment
    - Customer specific validations
    - Variety of integration options – as per legacy system capabilities
    - Minimal/no changes to legacy systems
    - SAML2 compliant
    - Simple back office administration

In summary, Texuna’s identity management solution helps to:

    - Safeguard the privacy and integrity of identity and access
    - Lay the groundwork for secure interoperability between users and providers
    - Ensure trust and security for partners

What Next ?

However, we view ourselves as being very much on the first leg of this journey. While we already offer a secure access system to the Department for Education, we believe that recent innovations support additional focus on this space.

If this is an area your company is interested in please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.