Alison is a leading e-learning provider offering free online courses from some of the World’s top publishers. The site contains hundreds of free, high-quality resources to help you develop essential, certified workplace skills.

Texuna is the largest independent investor and shareholder in Alison, having been an active supporter since 2006 and having formally become a shareholder in 2009. Texuna’s CEO Patrick Lynch also became a non-executive director in 2012.

Texuna have also worked with Alison as the project lead on a publicly tendered contract with the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland. This project involved the delivery of Health and Safety content and course for work all secondary school placement students in Ireland.

How Alison Works

1. Choose a Free Course
Alison offer over 750 free courses at certificate and diploma level, so it is easy to pick one that will meet your needs.

2. Enroll and Get Started
Sign up is easy, and courses are self paced making it straight forward to get going.

3. Complete the Course
Work your way through the course learning new skills, and enhancing your job prospects.

4. Get Assessed
On completion you can take an assessment to graduate. Achieve a grade of 80%, and you will join the other 500,000 graduates of Alison scattered around the globe.

5. Obtain a Certificate
On completion, download your learner record as proof of your accomplishments. You can also order a certificate to hang on your wall.

6. Use your New Skills
A key element of Alison’s offering is the vocational nature of the courses. Now you have completed your course it is time to put your skills to work!

Texuna works diligently and intelligently to ensure successful IT infrastructure and project management with key partners. Texuna’s project management expertise provided us with the practical knowledge and tools to succeed in our projects with key partners in the dot com industry. Their IT infrastructure support and development is top-notch. We would not be as successful as we are without Texuna’s support and involvement.
— Amr, Former CTO of

About Alison

Alison is a leading innovator in the e-learning space. Alison was recognized by UNESCO through its Innovation in ICT in Education Award in 2010, and the World Summit for Education Award in 2013 (WISE) for “outstanding quality and exceptional impact on education through innovation.